Mixed Celosia Seeds


Mixed plume and fan style Celosia.  Can be purchased and shipped within the U.S.


From my garden to yours. I’ve grown plume and fan Celosia for a couple of years and collected my own seed to grow in subsequent years. The seed has been prolific in my zone 8a region.

I start seeds 4-6 weeks prior to my last frost date (search USDA plant hardiness zone if you are not aware of the frost date where you are located) in seedling trays with moistened sterile seed starting mix and cover with a clear plastic lid until germinated. Place plants outside once soils have warmed and you’ve hardened off. From germination to maturity is around 90-100 days.

Celosia is an ANNUAL that thrives in warmth. It looks lovely in a pot as well as in the garden. Great for cut flowers and is cut an come again. Pinch down the leader stem when plant is around 8 inches to encourage more growth and less thick stalks.

In the Victorian era when meanings were given to flowers Celosia meant humor, silliness and warmth….we could all use a little of that!

Each listing includes a seed envelope with 100+ mixed Celosia seeds. The colors may be mixed in the light pink to magenta with plume or fan shaping as shown in the armload photo with this listing from my 2019 harvest.

Photos are taken in natural lighting to give accurate representation of color, however, please note that computer screens can vary color.

Free Shipping within U.S.A