Fresh Cut Flowers


What We Offer

Charming fresh picked garden bouquets for pickup or local delivery during growing season (March-September)

Grow flower varieties we offer on our micro farm by purchasing plant starters & seeds or enjoy everlasting floral beauty!

Get your creativity on!  90 minute floral sessions for 6-8 people at your location.

Featured Flower

Celosia is a heat loving annual (perennial in zone 9-10) that comes in a variety of shapes (cockscomb, plume, crested, fan) and colors (magenta, pink, chartreuse, terra-cotta, etc).  A beautiful textural material to use in bouquets or to add pizzazz to the landscape.  Cut flower varieties will grow 30″-48″ tall although you can also find varieties specific for landscape bedding that are much shorter.


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